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Colour is to architecture as flavour is to food.


Rikki’s strength as a master in colour underpins her interior projects.

“Colour is my magic wand. I use it to enhance the mood or feeling of a room; to manipulate light; to connect a building to the landscape and to direct the eye by drawing elements together or defining them. I believe it is one of the key design tools yet possibly the most underused and undervalued.”

PURE COLOUR established by Rikki in 1997 was the first consultancy in Australia to focus on colour for residential and other architectural projects. In consultation with clients and architects Rikki advises on paint colours, flooring, tiles, veneers, fabrics, furniture and artwork.

“My design language is one of timelessness and casual glamour imbued with a touch of playfulness. It’s a mixture of contemporary and rustic, old and new. It’s never about ‘a look’. It’s about warmth and personality (yours not mine).

All the elements that make up a space – the architecture, light, colour, pattern, texture, furniture, objects and art give a house soul. They make a house a home.”

“Thanks to Rikki our house has become the home we want it to be. Rikki offers a truly individual design service. She does not work with a pre-set palette or styles. Her range spans from subtle neutrals to bold colour. She has a rare talent for combining elements of different styles and traditions in a fresh and harmonious way.”

Julie Bail, McMahons Point, Sydney

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