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Interior Design Services

Interior / Exterior Colour Consultancy
May include the selection and specification of architectural materials including paving; colorbond, powdercoat, tiles; timber flooring; carpet; kitchen and bathroom finishes; and joinery.
Interior Design Services
Bespoke Kitchen and Bathroom Design. Far from run of the mill, our kitchen and bathrooms are beautifully designed with imaginative detailing and finishes. We also custom design joinery items from bookcases, children’s storage and entertainment cabinets.
We understand the crucial importance of lighting solutions and believe that lighting should be both interesting and effective.
Beautiful rugs, either contemporary or old, are works of art and are often key design elements in residential interiors.
Curtains and blinds, upholstery and cushions are essential elements of the interior design. These items are used to layer colour,
pattern and texture, to create intimacy and interest in the rooms.
Fine Art
Rikki’s background with the Museum of Contemporary Art and study of art and painting informs her knowledge and passion for contemporary art. Painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles and photography are sourced widely for clients.
The final placement and arrangement of objects can be what makes everything in a room finally sit together harmoniously. “God is in the detail” said Mies Van der Rohe, and we agree.