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Colour Consultancy
Colour consultancy begins with a site visit to look at the plans or existing home.
Rikki Stubbs takes photos of the house and then the colour scheme is selected in her studio. She has an extensive knowledge of paints from both a technical and aesthetic perspective and will often custom mix colours to achieve a superb result. The scheme may include selecting colorbond or powdercoat colours and other exterior finishes to complete the colour palette.
A final client meeting is scheduled for the presentation of the colour scheme which includes detailed specifications for the painters and large colour samples for the client.
Renovation and Interior Design
We embrace the design of one piece of furniture to a whole house with the same enthusiasm. Some or all of the design aspects outlined below may apply to the design of your home or office.
For a renovation we begin the design process with a meeting on site to discuss the overall brief; look at architectural plans and review any materials already selected for the interior and exterior.
We then submit a proposal outlining the design services and fees pertaining to the project. Initial design concepts are presented as sketches and photographic images.
The samples for all exterior and interior finishes including roofing; tiles, paving, timber flooring, carpet, veneers and laminates; bench tops are selected and used as the design foundation.
After the first meeting the initial design concepts are developed to finalise the drawings for the built-in items. We will then consult our tried and trusted tradesman to obtain quotes.
Fixtures and fittings including lighting, appliances, bathroom items and door hardware are selected when required to complete the design.
At this stage colour schemes are developed with the selection of upholstery fabrics, curtains, blinds, rugs and artwork. Furniture plans are often advisable for the main rooms so that the existing and new furniture live comfortably together. When furniture is not custom designed and built we can also select and order furniture from our extensive list of recommended local and European furniture suppliers.
Fine Art Consultancy
Rikki Stubbs can advise you on the selection or commission of fine art include painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography. We are independent of any gallery or artist and can provide expert advice taking into consideration both investment and design.