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Rikki’s career in colour and interior design began in London in the 1980’s when she studied with painted finish master, Leonard Pardon. She learnt old traditional methods of glazing and making paint. It was invaluable training.
On her return to Australia she set up Sydney’s first painted finish company Crump & Stubbs with Howard Crump. Working on site with Howard developed her eye for colour. In 1990, Howard went to the UK to work with the famous decorator to the royal family, Robert Kime, and Rikki went to work for the newly established Museum of Contemporary Art. “That period ignited my passion for art and I decided to finally study fine art painting.”
Rikki’s teacher was contemporary artist Charlie Sheard, who was passionate to keep alive the oil painting techniques of the great masters - techniques of layering
pigments and glazes that built on her experience with painted finishes and extended her knowledge, interest and experience with colour.
Working with designers and decorators for years onsite she had seen there was not much understanding of colour and a need for advice. In 1998 she established the first colour consultancy in Sydney.
“There was no one working in this area that I was aware of except the architect George Freedman who was brilliant and he had retired. Everything was minimalist and white but I persevered,”
Rikki’s work regularly appears in leading design magazines and media commentators frequently call upon her advice. Her Petersham home was featured in the SMH supplement 100 Amazing Sydney Houses.